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Tyler Swain

I have been playing drums since I was 11 years old. I began by being self taught primarily, learning songs by ear and playing along with them in my parent’s garage. I later took private lessons from several experienced teachers and learned the fundamentals of music reading, rudiments, and technique. I played in school symphonic and jazz bands all throughout my junior high and high school years, where I learned a variety of skills including playing with a group, improvisation, and composition. I also spent time on the winter drumline which increased my knowledge of rudiments, stick control, and technicality. I have been a member of several bands and have experience in performing live shows and studio recording. I have developed my technical skills through countless hours of observation, practice, and performance.


I have been teaching at Main Street Guitars for over six years and worked with students of all ages and technical abilities. I believe that anyone can learn to play the drums if they are dedicated enough. There is no substitute for practice and perseverance. My aim is to help students learn proper techniques and skills which will develop into good playing habits. Although it is no doubt necessary to develop a  wide range of skills and understanding of the drums, I also believe in letting the student have a significant say in what he or she wants to focus on. I like to tailor my lessons to adapt to the individual needs and goals of each student.

My lessons are $25 each lesson for a 30 minute lesson once a week. I never hold lessons on major holidays, or if I am out of town or ill. I expect students to be to their lessons on time each week. Since I always have a full roster of students I cannot extend lesson times into another student’s time if we start late. I allow 3 “freebie” absences per calendar year. There will be no charge for these 3 missed lessons as long as I am contacted in advance. After 3 have been used in this way, I have to continue to bill for lessons missed unless we schedule for a make up lesson that week. A failure to show up for a lesson without advance notice will be billed like a normal lesson.